Monday, April 1, 2013

How to dress ravely?

Most of the people want to dress modernly and i think you can have a try on a rave dressing . You will love this kind of dressing style and you will be different when you appear in the public. Although rave dressing is a kind of clothing style which is used when people want to attend a rave but it turned to be a fashion trend which represent special personality like the Gothic clothing style. I will share some small tips on this kind of clothing style as the following:

First, just be yourself. This is the very important points when you are dressing in this rave style. Wearing what you want to wear and this rule applies to behavior as much as clothing. Second, dress comfortably. You can wear what you think is comfortable and don’t care its style. Because if you’re not comfortable you won’t enjoy yourself and that defeats the point of raving. Third, you should use some rave accessories. Because raves are so diverse, the limits of accessorizing are endless. Goggles, wigs, hair falls, fairy wings, flowers, badges just be creative,

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