Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dress Yourself in A Gothic Style

Dressing in a Gothic clothing style is preferring by the nowadays fashion people and they seek for many different ways to help them look different and to be a member of the Gothic fashion. I will share some personal ideas about how to dress yourself in a Gothic clothing style with you as the following:

If you a girl, i think you can try some tight clothes and making sure it fits your body right and looks good, if you aren't skinny or in shape its most likely not for you.

Boots should be firstly considered by you: Many goths have high, black boots. There are many different styles of boots, look around and choose a style you like. However some romantic goths wear dress shoes every day.

Your hairstyle: you don’t need to dry your hair in different colors and you can just keep the original hair color black because this fashion style is known by its dark features. Tou can design the style of your hair by yourself just to be creative and do yourself.

About the colors you choose for your clothing: Black isn't the only color that exists in the goth lifestyle. Dark reds, violet, blue, green and white are often used as side colors to the general color black. Cyber or industrial goth accepts neon colors, but goth is what you make of it, not what others tell you it is.

About the accessories you choose to match your clothing: It could be an elegant choker, lace gloves, an SM bracelet, goggles, bat earrings, ribbons, etc.

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