Monday, April 8, 2013

Gothic Birthday----Special Celebration

Do you want to have a special birthday party and celebration? If you want to have one, I think birthday party with a Gothic theme will help you have a special birthday party. I will share some personal tips on how to have a Gothic birthday party with you and you can have a reference when you are preparing a Gothic theme party.
When you are preparing your Gothic birthday party, you should pay attention to the following elements:

About your birthday invitations: You should design a special Gothic birthday invitation and this will help you attract your friends’ attention and make them interest in your coming birthday party. Use a computer card program to create birthday invitations. Typical colors for invitations are black and red or gray and dark purple. Make a border around the invitation such as crows, pentagrams, skulls or crosses.

About the decoration: You should decorate your birthday party in a special in-house design and this will help your birthday party look more attractive and exciting. Use a color scheme in typical Gothic colors such as black, red, dark purple and gray. Use linen and tableware that matches the color scheme that you selected. Drape black and scarlet red streamers from one side of the room to another twisting them for an interesting effect. Place black or purple candles in tall silver candlesticks. Set the mood with eerie music or your favorite Gothic tunes playing in the background. Toss black and silver confetti at your guests as they enter the room.

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