Friday, April 26, 2013

Several Ways To Customersize Your Gothic Look

If you are a fan of the Gothic fashion and i think you will have an interest in customersizing your own Gothic look. Customizing your Gothic look is a great way to stand out even in a crowd of other Goths. I will share some small tips on how to do this and you can have a reference if you are interested in this fashion topic.

About your shoelaces: Whether it be skull and crossbones or spiderwebs there are many shoelace choices to add a bit of Gothic flair to your footwear. Blood red shoelaces on a black boot are eye-catching from across a room.

About the lacing: Use a hole puncher to make room for laces down the arms of a blouse. You will need to make two holes a bit away from each other in order to cinch your top with ribbons, leather straps, or cord. Lace from top to bottom and lightly cinch and tie at the base. Give it a different look by ending the lacing at the elbow and letting the ribbons flow down to the wrist.

About your hats: Hats are extremely easy to customize by placing different items like feathers, flowers and tarot cards in the band. If your hat doesn't have much of a band you can create one by tying material around the hat base. I have beautiful scarves that I tie around the rim. I let the scarf flow down my back in some cases.

About your purse: Bags to carry your spooky items come in so many styles, shapes and colors that it will be hard to stop at just one type. Lunchboxes, Chinese food boxes, coffin boxes and velvet satchels all can add a bit of detail to your look.

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