Wednesday, April 10, 2013

How to Make Gothic Clothing Matching?

Do you want to be a Gothic clothing fashion member? Are you still worrying about how to make yourself alternative in the public? I will share some useful suggestions about how to make a Gothic clothing matching as the following and you can have a reference if you are interested in becoming unique.

First, Find black clothes. This is the most important part of a Gothic ensemble. Any black clothes will be OK,T-shirts, fishnet anything and extremely baggy or tighter black pants will work great. You can use clothing you already have, or go to a second-hand store to get them. In fact, the worn look of the used clothing will give you a great Goth look.

Second, adding chains to pants. Wallet chains and sometimes a really cool necklace can work for this. This is great if you have baggy black jeans. Take the chains and attach them around the hips, knees or even ankles. You can attach them by clips or even safety pins.

Third, Get a fishnet shirt or stockings. Take the shirt and using a pair of scissors cut small diagonal and straight slits all over it.

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