Thursday, April 11, 2013

Instructions On Choosing A Suitable Gothic Style For Yourself

Are you still worrying about which Gothic clothing style will suit you? Do you want to make your personality consist of the Gothic clothing style you choose? It will be simple in fact and i will share some useful instructions about how to choose a suitable Gothic clothing style for yourself as the following:

Being a romantic goth. Great for the highly sensual and those people who passionately feel love. Clothing styles are Edwardian or Victorian styles with lots of lace and frills.

Trying being a mopey goth if you tend to be shy, a loner and artistic. Clothing styles are easy since modern styles are fine as long as they're in the basic goth colors of black, white, red or pink.

Becoming a raver goth if you're not wanting to be a traditional goth. Raver goths love anything that glows in the dark and tend to wear regular clothes like T-shirts and baggy pants as long as they have glow in the dark accessories. Many raver goths wear goggles on their head.

Being a perky goth if you're very bubbly and outgoing. They tend to introduce everyone to everyone else. Nothing too special about the clothing style. Black and white knee-high stockings and black mini-skirts are popular for girls, along with a flamboyant hair color like bright red. Guys can wear bizarre socks and shirts.

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