Friday, May 10, 2013

The Latest Trend of Gothic Clothing

Gothic clothing fashion is basically based on dark shades. During the gothic clothing era of the middle ages people like sailors or those associated with churches and cathedrals wore this type of clothing. A gothic dress is complete with a large tricorn hat and long coat, knee length breeches, knee high buckled shoes or bucket topped boots. Peasants used to wear common fabrics in the form of rough and tunic dresses and they were barefooted since they had to work in the fields or in muddy waters. The womenfolk also dressed in the same way as men and they too were barefooted. Of course they wore belts to prevent their long skirts from trailing on the ground. I will share some information about this clothing fashion and you can have a reference if you are interested in this clothing fashion.

Black/Red/Purple Floral Printed Gothic High-Low Skirt for Women

One of the popular medieval costumes for women was the gothic corset. The gothic corset complimented the female body by giving it an hourglass shape. It was a common Victorian and medieval costume for women. Its prominence is till intact today. However the latest trend of gothic corset is not like the ones worn during the Victorian and medieval period but is soft and convenient. There are different types of gothic outfits like light natural fiber shirts with ruffles, the loose fit and frilly pirate shirt with drooping shoulders, dark trousers short in length and large dark hats etc that went with various accessories like black umbrellas, silver ornaments etc. latest trend of gothic shirts and other dresses changes with the passage of time.

Classic Red and Black Gothic Priest Cassock for Men

Today Gothic dresses are in great demand and everyone loves to wear them. People want to know about the latest trends of gothic dress. Though this line of clothing came from a different period yet people in this age prefer to wear them because of its bold styles. The formal gothic dresses look good on both the sexes and can go well with any formal occasion.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Gothabilly Styles Introduction

Gothic fashion is known by most of the people in our society without doubt but do you know Gothabilly? Gothabilly is a a rare breed of Goth with particular tastes in music and wardrobe. I will introduce some information about this special Gothic style and you can have a reference if you are interested in this fashion topic.

The band of thepeople who love this alternative fashion are fetishy outfits and dark, glammy makeup. Fabrics patterned with the old school Universal Monsters, tombstones, skulls, and bats can be found on everything from dresses, skirts, jeans, and tops.

Leopard print is a welcome addition as well.  It’s a playful style, and easy to glam up with shiny platforms or dress down with your well worn black Converse.

Top off your look with a fuzzy monster fur (you know, the kind that looks like you ran over a Muppet) coat, if you can find one.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Introduction On Medieval Goth Fashion

Today, I will simply introduce some information about the Medieval Goth fashion and you will be interested in this topic if you are a fan of the Medieval goth fashion style. My personal ideas are the following and you can have a read and giving your own ideas:

“Gothic” is normally used to refer to castles, cathedrals and other such ancient masonry, hence the prominence of Goths who have a particular interest in all things medieval. Dressing in garb (loosely) based on that of the medieval period, you may find these Goths at Renaissance Fairs or re-enactment society events. Of course, their dress and activities do not have to necessarily be strictly “Medieval:” blending with Tudor or Celtic elements seems perfectly fine too.

Naturally, Medieval Goths have an enormous sense of history, and may also be found in museums, castles, churches and ancient monuments. And when they go to cemeteries, they actually look at the names and dates on the gravestones. When they get married, they have medieval-themed weddings and live in a house filled with pre-Raphaelite prints and gargoyles.

Medieval Goth music may comprise of classical and Gregorian chants combined with folk (Loreena McKennit), ethereal (Faith and the Muse) and, of course, Mediaeval Baebes.Generally, all female Medieval Goths would secretly like to be Morgan-le-Fay from the Arthurian legends, and all male Medieval Goths have a fixation with swords.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Small Tips On Helping You to Be An Attractive Gothic Girl

Do you want to learn to become a beautiful Gothic girl? If your answer is yes and i think my article will help you. I will share some small tips on how to help you become an attractive Gothic girl and you can have a reference if you are interested in this fashion topic.

About trade Goth: Fashion is, naturally, based on the look from the period, which itself was heavily influenced by Punk - fishnets, leather jackets, piercings - in addition to heavy make-up, HUGE hair and the occasional bit of bondage gear. And, of course, lots of black. When not listening to their extensive record collection, TradGoths may be found enjoying a snakebite & black and a clove cigarette at the local “goth” pub or club.

About the romantic Goth: It is therefore unsurprising that Romantic Goths are typically emotional, creative and dreamy types. Dead roses, crumbling graveyards and old skulls are things of exquisite beauty to these creatures. Preferred bands tend to be those that focus on “brooding” rather than “horror,” and so may include downtempo ethereal bands (eg. Love Spirals Downwards), and folk-ish bands (All About Eve, Faith and the Muse). The Sisters of Mercy and The Cure tend to go down well too. And of course a bit of atmospheric Classical music, especially Bach or Wagner.

About the cyber Goth: Cyber Goths are truly the antithesis of all that is Goth. They like bright neon colours, worship futurism and technology, and listen to dance music that is as different from Gothic Rock as possible.Identifying Cyber Goths is easy: they’ll be the most conspicuous ones in the club with their insane pony falls, goggles, futuristic rave-inspired clothing, towering New Rock platforms, and miscellaneous glowing bits and pieces.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Gothic Corset Fashion Introduction

I believe most of the people will be familiar with the word Gothic because most of the people use this Alternative fashion to show their alternative personality. I will simply introduce some information about the Gothic corset fashion and you can have a reference if you are interested in this alternative clothing fashion.

Gothic costumes fashion is generally based on dark shades and is a procedure of wearing dresses by the members of gothic subculture which is most often recognized by the fact that the constituents wear only black clothes. Gothic styles include different styles of clothing that make use of stars to show extravagant colors. These types of gothic clothes feature very dark costumes like dark fishnets, dark velvets, dark gloves, dark lace, dark leather scarlet and several other murky clothes. It is also known that maximum of the gothic fashion is based on the winter costumes as these costumes look more mysterious and morbid.

There are different types of prints that can be embedded into this type of gothic clothing. The materials used like hosiery and nylons are like a trend which are expanding very instantly and these also include linings like bold strips and bold colors and some of them also include different kinds of animal prints. These types of costumes also allow people to feel and express themselves as they belong to medieval period as it provides one with a pause from every day wearing. One can have lot of enjoyment with this type of gothic styled wearing.This type of clothing can be worn anytime when one wants to look himself in different looks or apart from the crowd at concert, party or clubs. Gothic clothing can be worn on daily basis even in any type of dramatic works. One can also make use of different accessories which can be used with this type of clothing like necklaces, belts, clips and high leather shoes.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Increasing Trend of Long Gothic Dress

Gothic fashion is loved by most of the people in our world now and they wear Gothic clothing to show their Alternative fashion taste. Gothic is an old culture which leads us to the forgotten era, and it’s not a style that is brought about by the adolescent in contemporary world. It’s a way of living and a lifestyle with a blend of elegancy, fantasy and romance. Long gothic dresses are worn by a section of people who want stand out in a huge crowd. I will introduce some information about the Gothic fashion and you can have a reference if you are interested in this clothing fashion.

You will find gothic dresses everywhere, a costume party, weddings, proms, and Halloween. People now prefer long dresses over short skimpy dresses. Since many years ago, several sorts of materials have been used in making gothic dresses. Usually, people prefer dark colors like red, black, maroon, purple, and burgundy in making gothic dresses.

There are lots of options of farbrics like velvet, soft satin, PVC, brocade, stretch and cotton canvas, chiffon and georgette. You can play with fabrics and layers in long gothic dresses. Also due to its length, you can have a plenty of layers as much as you want. Black lace, laced PVC, ribbons, and cobweb lace, rule over other options for dresses. Soft satin, leather, silk are also the favorites for making gothic dress.

A lot of girls wear long Gothic gowns for proms; also they are not necessarily in black but also in red, pink, and purple; wearing some colored wigs would make the look more put-together, unique and different. A lot of wide belt loops, and pentacle patches are also used for them. We can also develop lots of elegance in a long gothic dress, which is needed for wedding. Puff sleeves, a peaked collar, a length above the ankle and soft black satin make an elegant and trendy wedding gown.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Several Ways To Customersize Your Gothic Look

If you are a fan of the Gothic fashion and i think you will have an interest in customersizing your own Gothic look. Customizing your Gothic look is a great way to stand out even in a crowd of other Goths. I will share some small tips on how to do this and you can have a reference if you are interested in this fashion topic.

About your shoelaces: Whether it be skull and crossbones or spiderwebs there are many shoelace choices to add a bit of Gothic flair to your footwear. Blood red shoelaces on a black boot are eye-catching from across a room.

About the lacing: Use a hole puncher to make room for laces down the arms of a blouse. You will need to make two holes a bit away from each other in order to cinch your top with ribbons, leather straps, or cord. Lace from top to bottom and lightly cinch and tie at the base. Give it a different look by ending the lacing at the elbow and letting the ribbons flow down to the wrist.

About your hats: Hats are extremely easy to customize by placing different items like feathers, flowers and tarot cards in the band. If your hat doesn't have much of a band you can create one by tying material around the hat base. I have beautiful scarves that I tie around the rim. I let the scarf flow down my back in some cases.

About your purse: Bags to carry your spooky items come in so many styles, shapes and colors that it will be hard to stop at just one type. Lunchboxes, Chinese food boxes, coffin boxes and velvet satchels all can add a bit of detail to your look.