Sunday, April 28, 2013

Increasing Trend of Long Gothic Dress

Gothic fashion is loved by most of the people in our world now and they wear Gothic clothing to show their Alternative fashion taste. Gothic is an old culture which leads us to the forgotten era, and it’s not a style that is brought about by the adolescent in contemporary world. It’s a way of living and a lifestyle with a blend of elegancy, fantasy and romance. Long gothic dresses are worn by a section of people who want stand out in a huge crowd. I will introduce some information about the Gothic fashion and you can have a reference if you are interested in this clothing fashion.

You will find gothic dresses everywhere, a costume party, weddings, proms, and Halloween. People now prefer long dresses over short skimpy dresses. Since many years ago, several sorts of materials have been used in making gothic dresses. Usually, people prefer dark colors like red, black, maroon, purple, and burgundy in making gothic dresses.

There are lots of options of farbrics like velvet, soft satin, PVC, brocade, stretch and cotton canvas, chiffon and georgette. You can play with fabrics and layers in long gothic dresses. Also due to its length, you can have a plenty of layers as much as you want. Black lace, laced PVC, ribbons, and cobweb lace, rule over other options for dresses. Soft satin, leather, silk are also the favorites for making gothic dress.

A lot of girls wear long Gothic gowns for proms; also they are not necessarily in black but also in red, pink, and purple; wearing some colored wigs would make the look more put-together, unique and different. A lot of wide belt loops, and pentacle patches are also used for them. We can also develop lots of elegance in a long gothic dress, which is needed for wedding. Puff sleeves, a peaked collar, a length above the ankle and soft black satin make an elegant and trendy wedding gown.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Several Ways To Customersize Your Gothic Look

If you are a fan of the Gothic fashion and i think you will have an interest in customersizing your own Gothic look. Customizing your Gothic look is a great way to stand out even in a crowd of other Goths. I will share some small tips on how to do this and you can have a reference if you are interested in this fashion topic.

About your shoelaces: Whether it be skull and crossbones or spiderwebs there are many shoelace choices to add a bit of Gothic flair to your footwear. Blood red shoelaces on a black boot are eye-catching from across a room.

About the lacing: Use a hole puncher to make room for laces down the arms of a blouse. You will need to make two holes a bit away from each other in order to cinch your top with ribbons, leather straps, or cord. Lace from top to bottom and lightly cinch and tie at the base. Give it a different look by ending the lacing at the elbow and letting the ribbons flow down to the wrist.

About your hats: Hats are extremely easy to customize by placing different items like feathers, flowers and tarot cards in the band. If your hat doesn't have much of a band you can create one by tying material around the hat base. I have beautiful scarves that I tie around the rim. I let the scarf flow down my back in some cases.

About your purse: Bags to carry your spooky items come in so many styles, shapes and colors that it will be hard to stop at just one type. Lunchboxes, Chinese food boxes, coffin boxes and velvet satchels all can add a bit of detail to your look.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

How To Decorate Your Bedroom in A Gothic Style

If you are a fan of the Gothic fashion and i think you will be interested in decorating your bedroom in Gothic style too. I will introduce some methods on how to decorate your bedroom in a Gothic style and you can have a reference if you are interested in this Alternative fashion.

A Gothic bedroom celebrates the richness of Gothic styled architecture and medieval times. Luxurious fabrics, rich wall colors and tons of accessories, a Gothic bedroom can be a stimulating escape from the stark brightness of some modern style decor.

About the walls, To achieve the popular Gothic look paint the walls a deep rich color. Black is a predominant color in Gothic clothing, but doesn't need to be reflected on the walls. Instead paint three of the walls with a deep violet or midnight blue to bring more depth to the walls. Create an accent wall by painting the fourth wall, where the bed might go, an even darker shade of blue or black.

If you're up for a little creative painting try a sponge technique with gray paint on your black or darkest wall to make a medieval stone wall look. Simply paint the wall a black or dark gray and allow to dry. With a lighter shade of stone gray build a faux stone wall by dipping a large rectangular sponge into the paint and applying in a straight line along the wall. Build the "wall" up as if you were laying bricks to the ceiling. Once dry go back into the individual bricks with another lighter shade of gray to add more dimension to the wall.

About the bedding, A Gothic bedroom should be rich and luxurious and the bed is no place to skimp. Purchase bedding in deep rich colors such as a deep midnight blue or violet. Choose a faux velvet comforter in a deep red or blue with gold trim if possible. Then add pillows and lots of them. Pile the pillows up in matching shades of the same color and with luxurious trim in gold and tassels. Heavily embroidered throw pillows and shams are great in a Gothic bedroom.

About the accessories, Gothic design means layers of accessories including richly tasseled bedside lamps, heavily draped windows and ornate picture frames.  Place a few taxidermy birds on high bookshelves or on a bureau for extra interest. Candles are also a must in your Gothic bedroom, so purchase some wrought iron candle holders and a candelabra to house your white or cream colored candles. Always burn candles with supervision and safety

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Gothic Personals

Do you want to have an alternative lifestyle which is totally different from the others in our public? If your answer is yes and i will recommend Gothic lifestyle for you. The Gothic style of living came about in the 16th century onwards. This style of living centers itself around the darker aspects of our lives. People live with this lifestyle are drawn to horror movies, perhaps demon worship, the colors of the night and the deep red of blood. I will simply introduce some information about this alternative living style and you can have a reference if you are interested in this fashion.

People who love alternative lifestyle will have some features and you can have a reference if you are interested in this living style. They prefer to be with people who share interests and tastes in the Gothic. Sometimes even people living in a Gothic way of life have a difficult time finding someone who shares their interests. This is where Gothic Personals are a great help.

While it is difficult to find Gothic Personals in the newspapers or even in magazines the internet is the best place to make your Gothic connection. Your search engine should be able to provide you with listings of many Gothic Personals. The list will range from Gothic Personals to Gothic dating even to Gothic beauties.

Some of the more popular Gothic Personals have many members across the world. These sites are open for anyone whose tastes are even slightly Gothic. With these sites you can meet other like minded friends who share your tastes and desires in the Gothic world. Sites like these can help Gothic lovers get together.

There are also online Gothic dating services. These sites are similar to other dating sites in that you can check out the extensive photo gallery to see if there is anyone who will capture your interests. At these sites you can chat online with your chosen partner and find out if they do have the same passions as you.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Gothic Style Jewelry-----Worth the Head Banging

If you like heavy metal jewelry, I believe you will choose the Gothic style jewelries. Gothic jewellery is very famous among young people, especially teenagers who are getting their first taste of heavy metal. It is also popular among people belonging to the 'not-so-young' generation as well. And for enjoying the range of wonderful Gothic jewellery, you don't have to be careful about the age you are in.

Usually, we find artists and musicians who are into rock music, especially those who are into hard rock and heavy metal music, wear jewellery that have touch of Gothic culture. Gothic crosses and crucifixes, pentagrams, daggers and sculls, often become pendants. Not just pendants, we find singers, guitarists and drummers wearing them and other mystic Gothic symbols on their wrist bands, bracelets, as ear pieces and around the necks too.

If you like Gothic symbols and you must know that the Gothic jewelry are worth dying for. If you want to choose some Gothic Jewelry and you can read some famous designers’ magazines. You can search for some websites which have this style of jewelry and you also can match them with your Gothic clothing if you are a Gothic fashion fan.

Friday, April 19, 2013

The Latest Trend of Gothic Clothing

Gothic clothing fashion is basically based on dark shades. During the gothic clothing era of the middle ages people like sailors or those associated with churches and cathedrals wore this type of clothing. A gothic dress is complete with a large tricorn hat and long coat, knee length breeches, knee high buckled shoes or bucket topped boots. Peasants used to wear common fabrics in the form of rough and tunic dresses and they were barefooted since they had to work in the fields or in muddy waters. The womenfolk also dressed in the same way as men and they too were barefooted. Of course they wore belts to prevent their long skirts from trailing on the ground. I will share some information about this clothing fashion and you can have a reference if you are interested in this clothing fashion.

One of the popular medieval costumes for women was the gothic corset. The gothic corset complimented the female body by giving it an hourglass shape. It was a common Victorian and medieval costume for women. Its prominence is till intact today. However the latest trend of gothic corset is not like the ones worn during the Victorian and medieval period but is soft and convenient. There are different types of gothic outfits like light natural fiber shirts with ruffles, the loose fit and frilly pirate shirt with drooping shoulders, dark trousers short in length and large dark hats etc that went with various accessories like black umbrellas, silver ornaments etc. latest trend of gothic shirts and other dresses changes with the passage of time.

Today Gothic dresses are in great demand and everyone loves to wear them. People want to know about the latest trends of gothic dress. Though this line of clothing came from a different period yet people in this age prefer to wear them because of its bold styles. The formal gothic dresses look good on both the sexes and can go well with any formal occasion.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Perfect Gothic Fashion

I believe if you are a fan of the Gothic fashion and you will be crazy about everything about this clothing fashion style. I will share some information about this clothing fashion and you can have a reference if you are interested in this clothing fashion style.

Gothic fashion and Gothic dresses and Gothic dresses have a long story. In our days you may find a huge industry around Gothic style and trends. The Goth subculture has survived much longer than others of the same era, and has continued to diversify.
Today, you can look around and see a variety of emerging styles and trends being manifested through a person's outfit, hair, makeup, and accessories. These styles do not only serve the purpose of accessorizing and adorning oneself in fashionable items. They are a way of expressing oneself and one's personality, reflecting the wearer's attitude and character.

One of the Gothic garments, Gothic corset, is a piece of clothing that shapes a girls body like an hourglass. It is historical in nature as it traces you back to the Victorian and medieval ages. The Gothic corsets are great fashion clothing as was in the medieval. In the beginning, Gothic corsets were very uncomfortable to wear. It was with the passage of time that Gothic corsets became softer and convenient. Many of the Gothic clothes  such as fishnets are summer temperature friendly. The very important aspect of the fashion is, it not only depicts the culture and social status, but also can be used for medicinal purposes. Gothic Corsets, for example is used by the people with spinal injuries which holds the injured area tightly. Corset is also tied around the waist which helps in reducing the waist. They were made up of stiff layers of linen with wooden pieces inserted that kept the corsets straight and rigid.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Gothic clothing for the Coming Summer and the Look of Love

If you have chosen to be a gothic person than you may very well known that gothic love clothing are a big part of this subculture. It is true that most of the gothic fashion is based on a winter clothes because it looks more morbid, mysterious and because the origin of the Gothic people is from the cold weather of medieval Europe. I will share some simple information on this summer clothing fashion with you and you can have a reference if you are interested in this clothig fashion.

However when it come to summer time there is no need to suffer form the heat inside those heavy clothes. You can maintain the gothic look even with less dramatic apparel. The first advice is to use light clothing so even if you walk in long shirt or long pants it will not be that hot. In fact it is very recommend walking with long clothes at summer for two reasons. The first one has a medical reason, in this way you block the dangerous UV sun light from damaging your skin. The second one is very gothic reason – you can maintain a pale white skin like a true gothic.

You can also try to increase the morbid makeup look instead of wearing long clothes. This will drawn the center of the attention to your face area instead of the gothic clothing. The main color of the Gothic clothing is black. This can result a certain problem when it come to summer gothic clothing. As you may very well known the black color accumulates the sun light and the heat. Therefore it is suggested to go with bright colors at the summer. Most of the Goths I know love to wear heavy boots but still in the summer time it is just too hot to wear them so you have to search for lighter alternatives as well.

Being gothic is not easy especially in the summer. But with a little fashion creativity you might pass the summer time in peace.

Monday, April 15, 2013

How To Turn To Be Gothic?

Do you want to be alternative and attractive when you appear in the public? If you are person who have an alternative personality and i think Alternative Gothic clothing style will be a good choice for you. I will simply introduce some methods on how to help you turn to be Gothic as the following and you can have a reference if you are interested in this clothing style.

First, applying "white" makeup. The goth look is often considered to be morbid. As a result, the pallid and deathly pale "white face" makeup look is common within the subculture. To get an unnaturally pale complexion, use theater makeup, as standard drugstores and department stores do not usually carry foundations and powders that are stark white. Apply sunblock with a high sun protection factor (SPF) when you go outdoors to avoid getting a tan, too.

Second, wearing black eyeliner. To achieve an authentic goth look, it is crucial to apply dark eyeliner, which is a staple of the style. Thick, jet black eyeliner generally does the trick. For ease of application and use, apply eye pencils as opposed to liquid eyeliners, which can get really messy and smear easily. Use liquid eyeliners only if you have a really steady hand and a lot of patience. For some additional flair, combine colors instead of just using black. One common combination is red and black. Finally, consider completing your eye makeup with a light sprinkling of glitter over your eyelids, which can provide a shimmery effect.

Third, dressing in goth style. One of the most important elements to remember with gothic fashion is to wear black. The style is heavily influenced by the decadent and dark tones of the 18th and 19th century, and as a result often has a period look. Look for clothing that has a romantic vibe. Consider emulating vintage pieces from Elizabethan, Victorian and Renaissance eras. Corsets are a key element in goth fashion, whether they are made of lace or leather. For men, pirate or poet shirts and tight pants are common options.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Instructions On Choosing A Suitable Gothic Style For Yourself

Are you still worrying about which Gothic clothing style will suit you? Do you want to make your personality consist of the Gothic clothing style you choose? It will be simple in fact and i will share some useful instructions about how to choose a suitable Gothic clothing style for yourself as the following:

Being a romantic goth. Great for the highly sensual and those people who passionately feel love. Clothing styles are Edwardian or Victorian styles with lots of lace and frills.

Trying being a mopey goth if you tend to be shy, a loner and artistic. Clothing styles are easy since modern styles are fine as long as they're in the basic goth colors of black, white, red or pink.

Becoming a raver goth if you're not wanting to be a traditional goth. Raver goths love anything that glows in the dark and tend to wear regular clothes like T-shirts and baggy pants as long as they have glow in the dark accessories. Many raver goths wear goggles on their head.

Being a perky goth if you're very bubbly and outgoing. They tend to introduce everyone to everyone else. Nothing too special about the clothing style. Black and white knee-high stockings and black mini-skirts are popular for girls, along with a flamboyant hair color like bright red. Guys can wear bizarre socks and shirts.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

How to Make Gothic Clothing Matching?

Do you want to be a Gothic clothing fashion member? Are you still worrying about how to make yourself alternative in the public? I will share some useful suggestions about how to make a Gothic clothing matching as the following and you can have a reference if you are interested in becoming unique.

First, Find black clothes. This is the most important part of a Gothic ensemble. Any black clothes will be OK,T-shirts, fishnet anything and extremely baggy or tighter black pants will work great. You can use clothing you already have, or go to a second-hand store to get them. In fact, the worn look of the used clothing will give you a great Goth look.

Second, adding chains to pants. Wallet chains and sometimes a really cool necklace can work for this. This is great if you have baggy black jeans. Take the chains and attach them around the hips, knees or even ankles. You can attach them by clips or even safety pins.

Third, Get a fishnet shirt or stockings. Take the shirt and using a pair of scissors cut small diagonal and straight slits all over it.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

2013 Gothic fashion--------You Will Be attractive

Gothic fashion is always been loved by most of the people in our society because this clothing fashion represents the wearers’ unique personality. If you are a fan of this clothing fashion, i think you will be interested in learning more about the 2013 Gothic fashion trends. If you are one who are finding a suitable clothing style for yourself and i think you will be interested in this clothing fashion trends when you are knowing more about it. Simple introduction are the following and you can have a reference:

Goths will go very far, their hair dyed, pierced tattoo covering his body or clothing worn by physical accent. Embrace unconventional fashion sense on the Group’s core. Although there are many stereotypes about the appearance, but in fact there is no requirement or limit what people must do in order to display the Gothic.

Some fashion stores to buy all the clothes, others want a shopping list at thrift stores, and few even make their own clothes. These are just a few of the many ways people can get the right Gothic appearance. Classic Gothic trend is often very dark and morbid or sexually suggestive examples. It contains Black hair, black nails, black clothes, make-up and dark.

Type is often borrowed Victoria, Elizabeth and Romantic era. Wear any hair color, and completed a rare style. Make-up, usually by the black eye

Monday, April 8, 2013

Gothic Birthday----Special Celebration

Do you want to have a special birthday party and celebration? If you want to have one, I think birthday party with a Gothic theme will help you have a special birthday party. I will share some personal tips on how to have a Gothic birthday party with you and you can have a reference when you are preparing a Gothic theme party.
When you are preparing your Gothic birthday party, you should pay attention to the following elements:

About your birthday invitations: You should design a special Gothic birthday invitation and this will help you attract your friends’ attention and make them interest in your coming birthday party. Use a computer card program to create birthday invitations. Typical colors for invitations are black and red or gray and dark purple. Make a border around the invitation such as crows, pentagrams, skulls or crosses.

About the decoration: You should decorate your birthday party in a special in-house design and this will help your birthday party look more attractive and exciting. Use a color scheme in typical Gothic colors such as black, red, dark purple and gray. Use linen and tableware that matches the color scheme that you selected. Drape black and scarlet red streamers from one side of the room to another twisting them for an interesting effect. Place black or purple candles in tall silver candlesticks. Set the mood with eerie music or your favorite Gothic tunes playing in the background. Toss black and silver confetti at your guests as they enter the room.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Charming Gothic women will Be you

Do you want to be a charming women? If your answer is yes and i think you should learn something about Gothic women fashion. This clothing fashion will make you look different and attractive. I will share some small tips about this clothing fashion and you can have a reference when you are dressing yourself. You also can make comments and leave your own ideas here.

If you want to be a Gothic women, you should pay attention to the following aspects:
First, you can wear leather pants, skirts and tops which can be in a variety of colors, from purple to blue to hot pink, and, of course, black. The common products include: opera gloves, mini-skirts and zip-up tops.

Second, corset will be a necessary single product for this clothing fashion. Bright, tight and sexy versions of the corset will help you be perfect. They can be made of PVC, satin, lace or a combination of all these materials. Some corsets have hook closures in the back, while others have lace-up closures.

Last, you also should prepare some Long tailored velvet jackets and coats, worn as a cover-up or part of a club outfit, usually come in black, burgundy or dark blue. Goth jackets often have decorative lace on the sides or front, though they have metal or hook closures on the front.

Dress Yourself in A Gothic Style

Dressing in a Gothic clothing style is preferring by the nowadays fashion people and they seek for many different ways to help them look different and to be a member of the Gothic fashion. I will share some personal ideas about how to dress yourself in a Gothic clothing style with you as the following:

If you a girl, i think you can try some tight clothes and making sure it fits your body right and looks good, if you aren't skinny or in shape its most likely not for you.

Boots should be firstly considered by you: Many goths have high, black boots. There are many different styles of boots, look around and choose a style you like. However some romantic goths wear dress shoes every day.

Your hairstyle: you don’t need to dry your hair in different colors and you can just keep the original hair color black because this fashion style is known by its dark features. Tou can design the style of your hair by yourself just to be creative and do yourself.

About the colors you choose for your clothing: Black isn't the only color that exists in the goth lifestyle. Dark reds, violet, blue, green and white are often used as side colors to the general color black. Cyber or industrial goth accepts neon colors, but goth is what you make of it, not what others tell you it is.

About the accessories you choose to match your clothing: It could be an elegant choker, lace gloves, an SM bracelet, goggles, bat earrings, ribbons, etc.

Monday, April 1, 2013

How to dress ravely?

Most of the people want to dress modernly and i think you can have a try on a rave dressing . You will love this kind of dressing style and you will be different when you appear in the public. Although rave dressing is a kind of clothing style which is used when people want to attend a rave but it turned to be a fashion trend which represent special personality like the Gothic clothing style. I will share some small tips on this kind of clothing style as the following:

First, just be yourself. This is the very important points when you are dressing in this rave style. Wearing what you want to wear and this rule applies to behavior as much as clothing. Second, dress comfortably. You can wear what you think is comfortable and don’t care its style. Because if you’re not comfortable you won’t enjoy yourself and that defeats the point of raving. Third, you should use some rave accessories. Because raves are so diverse, the limits of accessorizing are endless. Goggles, wigs, hair falls, fairy wings, flowers, badges just be creative,