Friday, March 29, 2013

Special Ideas About Gothic Costumes

If you want to be a representative of the Gothic Fashion, the firstly most important thing is know more its characteristics. You can dress yourself like its style and add some special ideas of yourself then you will be observed by more and more people. So i will share some personal ideas with you on how to dress up yourself as a member of the Gothic style as the following:

About your make up: For both guys and girls, Gothic make up usually includes painting your face and darkening your lips and eyes. Gothic makeup normally consists of white, black, dark reds and sometimes  also uses fantasy colors such as violet or blue. Apply the makeup more dramatically than would be used during daily wear. Use black eyeliner t around the eye and use dark blood-red lipstick, or black.

About your shoes: A pair of shoes which has the special features of the Gothic style will help you become more like a member of Gothic style. A pair of combat boots will be a good choice, especially with multiple rivets and buckles. Girls can wear heels with buckles or studs, and guys may wear a heavy dress shoe in black.

About your hairstyle, Dying your hair for a goth style by using black, dark blue color. Coordinating your hair color with your clothes, or use a color that suits your character. As an alternative to dying your entire head, you also can use some streaks of fantasy colors such as purple, bright red or pink. Both men and women may spike hair up or wear it down close to the face, flattened over the eyes. A girl can wear her hair in a half-up style, down on the front and sides with a spiky ponytail on top.

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