Monday, April 15, 2013

How To Turn To Be Gothic?

Do you want to be alternative and attractive when you appear in the public? If you are person who have an alternative personality and i think Alternative Gothic clothing style will be a good choice for you. I will simply introduce some methods on how to help you turn to be Gothic as the following and you can have a reference if you are interested in this clothing style.

First, applying "white" makeup. The goth look is often considered to be morbid. As a result, the pallid and deathly pale "white face" makeup look is common within the subculture. To get an unnaturally pale complexion, use theater makeup, as standard drugstores and department stores do not usually carry foundations and powders that are stark white. Apply sunblock with a high sun protection factor (SPF) when you go outdoors to avoid getting a tan, too.

Second, wearing black eyeliner. To achieve an authentic goth look, it is crucial to apply dark eyeliner, which is a staple of the style. Thick, jet black eyeliner generally does the trick. For ease of application and use, apply eye pencils as opposed to liquid eyeliners, which can get really messy and smear easily. Use liquid eyeliners only if you have a really steady hand and a lot of patience. For some additional flair, combine colors instead of just using black. One common combination is red and black. Finally, consider completing your eye makeup with a light sprinkling of glitter over your eyelids, which can provide a shimmery effect.

Third, dressing in goth style. One of the most important elements to remember with gothic fashion is to wear black. The style is heavily influenced by the decadent and dark tones of the 18th and 19th century, and as a result often has a period look. Look for clothing that has a romantic vibe. Consider emulating vintage pieces from Elizabethan, Victorian and Renaissance eras. Corsets are a key element in goth fashion, whether they are made of lace or leather. For men, pirate or poet shirts and tight pants are common options.

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