Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Gothic clothing for the Coming Summer and the Look of Love

If you have chosen to be a gothic person than you may very well known that gothic love clothing are a big part of this subculture. It is true that most of the gothic fashion is based on a winter clothes because it looks more morbid, mysterious and because the origin of the Gothic people is from the cold weather of medieval Europe. I will share some simple information on this summer clothing fashion with you and you can have a reference if you are interested in this clothig fashion.

However when it come to summer time there is no need to suffer form the heat inside those heavy clothes. You can maintain the gothic look even with less dramatic apparel. The first advice is to use light clothing so even if you walk in long shirt or long pants it will not be that hot. In fact it is very recommend walking with long clothes at summer for two reasons. The first one has a medical reason, in this way you block the dangerous UV sun light from damaging your skin. The second one is very gothic reason – you can maintain a pale white skin like a true gothic.

You can also try to increase the morbid makeup look instead of wearing long clothes. This will drawn the center of the attention to your face area instead of the gothic clothing. The main color of the Gothic clothing is black. This can result a certain problem when it come to summer gothic clothing. As you may very well known the black color accumulates the sun light and the heat. Therefore it is suggested to go with bright colors at the summer. Most of the Goths I know love to wear heavy boots but still in the summer time it is just too hot to wear them so you have to search for lighter alternatives as well.

Being gothic is not easy especially in the summer. But with a little fashion creativity you might pass the summer time in peace.

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