Sunday, March 24, 2013

How to Dress Gothically?

Do you want to be different from the other people? I think the answer of most of the people will be : Yes. Then would you like to have a try on Gothic clothing style and take a trip of special Gothic Fashion? If you are Gothic Clothing Fashion fans. I think the answer is certainly yes, but if some of you never have a try on Gothic Style before, I think you can have a try now and you will have a wonderful feeling.

I will give you some personal key fashion advices to help you become a Gothic, if you think they are useful and practical, you can have a try on this special clothing style. My suggestions are the following:

If you want to be Gothic, you should pay attention to the following points: Your clothing matching, Decorating accessories, your hairstyle, the colors of your clothing and the whole colors group of your clothing, prints on your clothing and your make- up is also of great importance.

Then i will give you some detailed information about how to prepare these key elements: About clothing, you can choose some clothing with black or most of the color of your clothing with a background color black, such as you can buy some black dress, black leather coat, black boots and so on. You certainly can choose some other dark color. About your decorating accessories, you can choose some exaggerated accessories such as some with Skull patterns or some made of rivet. About your hairstyle, you can have a try on a special hairstyle and the color of your hair doesn’t be always black. About your make up, you should use dark and exaggerated make-up but it is certainly fine without make-up.

Acting now and expressing yourself through this special clothing fashion. Your different personality will be displayed to the world, and you will be the representative of Gothic Fashion.

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