Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Women Gothic Clothing Fashion

More and more females diversify themselves from other people and show their special attitudes about clothing fashion through wearing Gothic clothing. Then i will share some ideas about Gothic as the following and you also can share your own ideas with us here.

About the color of this fashion style, in my opinion, the main color of this clothing style is black without doubt because Goth fashion is typically recognized by its complete black clothing, dark hair and makeup. Certainly, it’s common to see a group of other colors such as purples and reds to emphasize the look but black still takes up the most of the background color spaces.

About the accessories, the most common used accessories are the following: fishnet stockings, ark gloves, black leather thigh boots and strong eye make-up is also of great importance. The most common used jewelries are: Cameo necklaces, lace chokers, and gemstones like obsidian and onyx inlaid in rings.

I hope my article will help you have a new acknowledgement about the Gothic Fashion.

Black Court Gothic Coat for Men

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