Monday, May 6, 2013

Introduction On Medieval Goth Fashion

Today, I will simply introduce some information about the Medieval Goth fashion and you will be interested in this topic if you are a fan of the Medieval goth fashion style. My personal ideas are the following and you can have a read and giving your own ideas:

“Gothic” is normally used to refer to castles, cathedrals and other such ancient masonry, hence the prominence of Goths who have a particular interest in all things medieval. Dressing in garb (loosely) based on that of the medieval period, you may find these Goths at Renaissance Fairs or re-enactment society events. Of course, their dress and activities do not have to necessarily be strictly “Medieval:” blending with Tudor or Celtic elements seems perfectly fine too.

Naturally, Medieval Goths have an enormous sense of history, and may also be found in museums, castles, churches and ancient monuments. And when they go to cemeteries, they actually look at the names and dates on the gravestones. When they get married, they have medieval-themed weddings and live in a house filled with pre-Raphaelite prints and gargoyles.

Medieval Goth music may comprise of classical and Gregorian chants combined with folk (Loreena McKennit), ethereal (Faith and the Muse) and, of course, Mediaeval Baebes.Generally, all female Medieval Goths would secretly like to be Morgan-le-Fay from the Arthurian legends, and all male Medieval Goths have a fixation with swords.

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