Friday, May 3, 2013

Small Tips On Helping You to Be An Attractive Gothic Girl

Do you want to learn to become a beautiful Gothic girl? If your answer is yes and i think my article will help you. I will share some small tips on how to help you become an attractive Gothic girl and you can have a reference if you are interested in this fashion topic.

About trade Goth: Fashion is, naturally, based on the look from the period, which itself was heavily influenced by Punk - fishnets, leather jackets, piercings - in addition to heavy make-up, HUGE hair and the occasional bit of bondage gear. And, of course, lots of black. When not listening to their extensive record collection, TradGoths may be found enjoying a snakebite & black and a clove cigarette at the local “goth” pub or club.

About the romantic Goth: It is therefore unsurprising that Romantic Goths are typically emotional, creative and dreamy types. Dead roses, crumbling graveyards and old skulls are things of exquisite beauty to these creatures. Preferred bands tend to be those that focus on “brooding” rather than “horror,” and so may include downtempo ethereal bands (eg. Love Spirals Downwards), and folk-ish bands (All About Eve, Faith and the Muse). The Sisters of Mercy and The Cure tend to go down well too. And of course a bit of atmospheric Classical music, especially Bach or Wagner.

About the cyber Goth: Cyber Goths are truly the antithesis of all that is Goth. They like bright neon colours, worship futurism and technology, and listen to dance music that is as different from Gothic Rock as possible.Identifying Cyber Goths is easy: they’ll be the most conspicuous ones in the club with their insane pony falls, goggles, futuristic rave-inspired clothing, towering New Rock platforms, and miscellaneous glowing bits and pieces.

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