Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How to Be a Goth Man?

Gothic dresses are very hot in recent years. Youth want to wear in gothic to make them special and unique; especially men who keep up with the fashion trend usually treat gothic style as their first choice. Here I will give you several descriptions about gothic dresses for men. Men’s apparels in the gothic style cover shirts, pants and boots. Shirts include ruffles in cuffs and front neck with dark shades mostly black, purple green and red. Pants are usually in fitted or loose design with some detail like floral printed accents, asymmetrical design and application of dark colors. Gothic boots were used to worn by men especially during visit to forests and traveling through rocks. These boots were heavy because they were used during work. While women used to wear high heel boots, men preferred flat boots. If you want to have perfect gothic look, you’d better add some accessories to complete the gothic look. Various accessories included are silver ornaments, umbrellas in dark colors and some weapons. The accessory part should not be neglected as they play an important role in the gothic style.

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